Hardwood - Refinishing

Refinishing Without the Dust

You have made your home into a beautiful and comfortable place for your family and yourself. Your home is also a center of life and activity. At Nationwide, we want you to help you keep your hardwood floors beautiful while you use them. We can help whether your floors need to be deep cleaned or need a complete sanding and refinishing. We will help you make the best decisions for your family and home and bring your floors back to their original condition.

Refinish or Recoat?

To protect your floors and maintain their natural beauty, recoating is a must. The polyurethane finish wears off naturally over time and must be replaced. This process takes one day and will restore the shine to your floors. However, recoating won’t correct deep gouges or discoloration.

Has the original finish been worn from your floors? Has the floor begun to take on a greyish color? Perhaps you would like to remove deep scratches or signs of dog nails. These are among the different situations which require a full refinishing.

Maybe you are extending your wood floors into other areas of your home. We can install the new floors and match the color of the new wood to your existing floors by refinishing your older floors during the installation process.

Here’s a quick test to help you decide if your floors need to be recoated or refinished. Find a portion of your floors showing the most wear and tear. Wet a washcloth and apply it to the area. This is an example of what recoating will do for your floors. Is it shiny? Recoating may be the way to go! Does it make the floor look worse? It might be time for a full refinishing.

Whether you choose to recoat or to finish your floors, Nationwide will assist you in the decision-making process.

What is Dust-Free Refinishing?

Sanding hardwood floors used to be a tremendously dusty undertaking, leaving the homeowner with the immense job of cleaning the dust from every nook and cranny around the home. However, all hardwood work performed by Nationwide is dust-free! By collecting the sand dust like a lawnmower bag collects grass, we contain 99.8% of the in-air dust traditionally created by sanding.

This means the dust that would have collected in curtains, upholstery, heating vents, clothing, and cupboards will instead be collected. Saving cleaning time and creating the most clean, healthy, and quick way to refinish floors while.

The Finish: Which Finish Fits Your Traffic Pattern?

Nationwide offers a variety of hardwood finishes. Our professionals can help you decide which choices are a good fit for your home while achieving the durability, price, and appearance that is important to you.

Drying times: Floors must dry:

  • 48 hours before foot traffic and before furniture may be returned
  • 30 days (100% cure time) before rugs may be returned

We hope this article has helped with your decision-making process! Call to schedule an appointment and we will help you discover which floor options are best for you and your home.